Tony’s aim is to teach students how to reduce complexity of the scenery and have the confidence to paint quickly and expressively.
Start with the large brush loose and wet first layer, add the next pass to define very basic shapes, paint shades and shadows and finish by adding last layer by “drawing” with thicker pigments using tip of the brush.

Upcoming workshops

    1. Sydney Community College, 2 Gordon St, Rozelle NSW 2039
      Thursday, March 15  2018, 10 am – 3 pm
      Telephone: (02) 8752 7517
      For details and bookings please read here
    2. Blackheath Art Society, Blackheath NSW 2785
      Sat. & Sun. Dates to be announced soon.
      Tel. (02) 4787 6016 or  0418 633 923
      “Painting Watercolour Interiors in Impressionistic Style”
      For details and bookings please read here
    3. The Art Scene MSA, Winter School, Bathurst NSW 2795
      Tel. (02) 9807 6900
      Dates to be announced soon.

Paintings Tours

Painting in Croatia.Island of Korcula
Oct. 6-15  2016. and  Sept. 5-14  2017.
For all details and itinerary of the trip please read here or contact Tony on 0422 291 281 or e-mail
For details please read here.   For rates or to book your place please read here